Brand Protection

Brand refers to the commercial qualitative value of a name signifying a product or service in any business environment or putting it simply a type of product or service manufactured or rendered by a particular firm under a particular name. The qualitative aspect of any such product or service exposes itself to lot of market risks. The loss which an organization can suffer due to brand depletion, reputational loss, loss of revenues calls for corrective steps to mitigate such risks. V&J offers services to its clients for protecting valuable brands in the following categories:

IPR Filings (Trademark/ Copyright/ Patents) – Coming Up

An expert team assists our clients across industries and verticals in filing Copyright/ Trademarks/ Patents for ‘goods or services’, works like ‘original literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, cinematographic films, sound recording’ and inventions respectively. A legal consultant is dedicated to every client for providing assistance in initial filings, regular filings, case representation, appeals, disposal of applications & cases.

Litigation Support

V&J offers litigation support to its clients by attending court hearings on its behalf in the matters related to criminal enforcement actions. A regular update is provided to the client supplementing the anti-counterfeiting cause.